The Château de Tiffauges less than 30 minutes away

Located in an exceptional site, at the confluence of the Sèvre Nantaise and one of its tributaries, the Crûme, the castle, with its ovoid enclosure, about 700 metres long and with an interior surface area of nearly 3 hectares, is a typical example of a medieval fortress. Gilles de Rais, Joan of Arc's comrade-in-arms, is one of the most important figures of the late Middle Ages. A great war captain, he retired to Tiffauges after the French campaign against the English. He was a patron of the arts, an alchemist and... a murderer. Executed in Nantes at the age of 36, he became the Bluebeard of legend.
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Pouzauges Castle 20 minutes away

A beautiful 13th century fortress awaits you for a visit to one of its 12 towers but also to this magnificent keep. It was the main residence of Catherine de Thouars, wife of Gilles de Rais... Bluebeard, does that ring a bell?
The dungeon can be visited in July and August, and on Thursdays you can go for a few nocturnal escapades which completely change the perception of the place.On site, your children will enjoy some medieval activities and workshops set up by the association.Prepare your holidays in Vendée with a visit to the old castle of Pouzauges by staying at the Logis de la Bénétière, a quality guest house, by calling +332 51 63 92 69. 

The castle of Saint Mesmin at 30 minutes

A 14th century fortress, its hexagonal enclosure is flanked by five horseshoe-shaped towers, two of which form the entrance châtelet. The keep replaced one of these towers in the 15th century. This building retains many elements of the military architecture of the Middle Ages, witnessing the evolution of warfare techniques (archways, crossbars, machicolations, remains of drawbridges), but remains a residential residence. 
Many activities are offered at the castle, so do not hesitate to stop by, young and old alike will be delighted to immerse themselves in its history!